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Malik Riaz – Spreading the Light of Education

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  • Any great nation’s education is the key to its success. A nation with a high level of learning and education is certain of a successful future. Only with the aid of appropriate knowledge and specialised education can human and material resources be utilised to their fullest potential. Malik Riaz, the chairman of Bahria Town, wants to secure Pakistan’s future by bolstering the sector’s educational underpinnings and encouraging public vigilance. He is adamant that everyone, regardless of wealth, should have the opportunity to learn and benefit from high-quality education.


  • He has created free educational programmes under the auspices of his prominent enterprise Bahria Town to help those who lack access to basic necessities and have little hope for a successful future. In addition to housing options, 4000 orphans receive free schooling. Many primary and secondary education institutions, institutes, and colleges that offer general and specialised education to the general public are supported in various cities and villages. Each year, more than 7000 students receive scholarships. The Rawalpindi Agricultural University offers microloans to its students. To support the process of learning and education, millions of rupees are granted to various government institutions and other rural institutions. To date, donations of over 9,400,000 have been made to Kallar Syedan School and Public School. To support them in times of need, coordination with numerous educational institutions and organisations is also made.


  • A thoughtfully constructed educational environment and the best possible team of educators may help achieve the goal of objective learning. The schools established under Malik Riaz’s sponsorship are fully furnished with cutting-edge educational and recreational amenities, including as science labs, computer rooms, libraries, and playgrounds, to support this purpose. Extra circular activities are also offered in addition to the highest calibre of instruction for a holistically balanced development. These institutions are becoming one of the most prestigious centres for education, innovation, and general grooming since they not only provide high-quality instruction but also raise the bar for other educational institutions.


  • The need of general education is apparent in today’s world of developing technology and fierce competition, yet merely wide education won’t make it in the contemporary environment. If a country intends to advance and leave its stamp on history, it must invest in technical education. Malik Riaz carefully considered this problem and, as a result, laid the groundwork for the construction of two universities of the highest international standards in the main Sindh cities of Karachi and Hyderabad. These institutions will have drastically discounted tuition prices that are subsidised in comparison to other universities. Two billion rupees will be spent on these universities’ construction overall. Additionally, a number of additional technical schools, computer centres, medical and dentistry schools, and Bahria University already provide the general public with expert instruction.


  • Since education and learning are the only paths to success, all of these efforts will significantly benefit mentoring the next generation. As our faith exhorts us to pursue education and be enlightened, these services of Malik Riaz shall be recorded in gold, both in this world and the hereafter. “The pursuit of knowledge is necessary for every Muslim, male and female,” the Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) declared.


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