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Ali Malik Riaz – Bringing business acumen to real estate career

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  • The CEO of the well-known real estate company Bahria Town, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik, is the son of Malik Riaz Hussain, one of Pakistan’s wealthiest individuals and the country’s top real estate developer. He is a visionary leader with excellent commercial judgement and in-depth expertise in the same sector. One of the most well-known figures in the real estate sector is his father. He is expected to carry over his father’s traits.


  • Ali Riaz Malik was the visionary leader who, in 2013, inked a deal with US-based real estate tycoon Thomas Kramer and began work on Pakistan’s first-ever island metropolis. In Karachi, he obtained a contract to build the islands of Bodha and Bundal and throughout the construction process, he developed many commercial clusters for a variety of uses.


  • Fitness fanatic Ali Riaz Malik exercises twice a day, seven days a week. He also follows the necessary nutritional guidelines and gets adequate relaxation. He strongly supports adopting “good behaviours to enhance mental stability, physical attractiveness, execute tasks better, maintain healthy emotions, less prone to health difficulties, and increased energy levels, which contribute to stress-free life, etc. He is of the opinion that everyone should be mindful of their health and refrain from skipping any days in order to keep their bodies and minds in shape. Being cheerful is essential for maintaining mental health and strength. In this way, a fit and healthy lifestyle is believed to include happiness.


  • Ahmed Ali Riaz made sure that every Bahria Town project has public parks, gyms, riding clubs, tennis courts, football fields, swimming pools, etc. so that every community could have a healthy lifestyle. In Bahria Town Lahore, the Gold Spa & Fitness Club is reputed to be a highly excellent project. It is conveniently located near the Mall of Lahore and Country Club Bahria Town Lahore, two prominent high-street locations.


  • A competent staff of instructors and top-notch equipment are available at Safari Gym at Safari Club Rawalpindi to assist each individual in achieving their fitness objectives. The community has access to top-notch riding facilities at Bahria Town Lahore and Rawalpindi thanks to the riding clubs.


  • For a superb horseback riding experience, riding clubs provide top-notch facilities and well trained employees. Public parks are available in every area of Bahria Town in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi for pleasant strolls and meetings.


  • Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik maintains a nutritious diet consisting of wholesome and well-balanced foods including eggs, milk, fruits, fresh and green vegetables, proteins, minerals, and vitamins for a balanced lifestyle. He places a high value on health and thinks everyone should take good care of themselves. He encourages healthy living so that people can experience successful, fulfilling lives. He makes the time for his friends and family, and he also has a top-notch gym at his house so he can work out after work. All of these things are manifestations of his obsession for an active lifestyle.


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