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Malik Riaz & his entrepreneurial traits

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  • Malik Riaz Hussain began his career as a little independent contractor, but after putting in a lot of effort, he was rewarded with larger contracts from MES and the military, which ordered him to become the town of Bahria’s creator. How did it all begin? Malik Riaz Hussain, however, shifted his attention to the real estate market in the 1990s and quickly realised that this chain of businesses in the real estate market is very alluring yet profitable.


  • As a result, he made the decision to build his own housing society while giving people a luxurious living experience that they had never before cherished. To achieve this, Malik Riaz Hussain chose the name Bahria for his housing society because Pakistanis have a strong sense of loyalty to their army and navy. As a result, it is simpler for Malik Riaz Hussain to entice a large number of customers to make purchases or foreign Pakistanis to invest in Malik Riaz Bahria town.


  • However, in order to succeed in any field, you must have strong public relations. Because of his previous contacts with MES and other government organisations, Malik Riaz Hussain was able to complete his task without encountering any obstacles. Malik Riaz Hussain, the owner of the Bahria Town, is one of the many people who understand how to develop connections with both common people and powerful people. Establishing strong public relations with authorities is undoubtedly fantastic and unquestionably great.


  • Being the owner of Bahria Town, or Malik Riaz Hussain, is not simple, particularly when you are setting a standard by offering the greatest gated communities in the world, known as Bahria town, while maintaining uniform standards and benchmarks for each targeted city.


  • Malik Riaz has presented a live, in-the-moment example to inspire all Pakistanis to step up and assure their involvement in using modern techniques to eliminate the socio-economic imbalance that currently exists in the nation’s many social strata. His future goal of giving millions of Pakistanis a forum for shared happiness and wealth is winning him praise and blessings from all corners of the globe.


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